About me

Ph.D. (Dr hab.) Associate Professor
Institute of Political Studies
Polish Academy of Sciences
Warsaw, Poland.


I am political scientist

specializing in differentiated (dis)integration in the European Union, sociology of International Relations and legitimacy politics, with a focus on European Neighbourhood Policy, European policies of Poland and France, Brexit and EU-Turkey relations.

I am Associate Professor at the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences where, until May 2020, I served as Deputy Director for Research. Since March 2021 I am Head of Department of International Organizations and Global Security Studies. In the years 2006-2011 I was member of the Faculty of the College of Europe.

In the years 2018-2022 I was deputy editor-in-chief of Sprawy Międzynarodowe [International Affairs] – the oldest IR journal in Poland founded in 1948.

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