Key Publications

Journal Articles

  • (De-)legitimating differentiated (dis)integration in the European Union: between technocratic and populist narratives, Journal of Contemporary European Research, forthcoming.
  • Between EU’s aspiring saint and disillusioned rebel. Hegemonic narrative and counter-narrative production in Poland, Journal of Contemporary European Studies, onlinefirst 2021.
  • Differentiated integration: towards a new model of European Union–Turkey relations?, Turkish Studies, 21(2), 2020, 254-273 (with A. Szymański).
  • Strategies of the Polish government in the rule of law dispute with the European Commission, Przegląd Europejski, 1/ 2018, 57-73.
  • Contestation of EU Climate Policy in Poland: Civil Society and Politics of National Interest, Prakseologia, 159/2017, 237-264.
  • Stability, security, democracy: explaining shifts in the narrative of the European Neighbourhood Policy, Journal of European Integration, 39(1), 2017, 49-62.
  • Europeanization as a legitimation strategy of political parties: the cases of Ukraine and Georgia, Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, 16(3), 2016, 391-411.
  • Does Differentiation lead to Disintegration? Insights from Theories of European Integration and Comparative Regionalism, Yearbook of Polish European Studies, 18/ 2015, 39-58.
  • Differentiated Integration and the Future of Europe. Debate in Poland, Yearbook of Polish European Studies, 17/ 2014, 167-189.
  • Polish Business Lobbying in the European Union 2004-2009: Examining the Patterns of Influence, Perspectives on European Politics and Society, 14(1), 2013, 63-79.


Book chapters